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SurfStat textbooks

There are many good textbooks that introduce Statistics. Here are some of our favourites:

Amir D. Aczel (1995): Statistics: concepts and applications
Richard D. Irwin, Inc. ISBN 0-256-11935-X

  1. Information everywhere
  2. What are the chances?
  3. Chance quantities
  4. The bell-shaped curve
  5. Let's take a sample
  6. Trial by probability
  7. Making comparisons
  8. Making extended comparisons
  9. Is there a relationship?
  10. The quest for quality

Cryer & Miller
Jonathon D. Cryer and Robert B. Miller (1994): Statistics for Business:Data Analysis and Modelling
Wadsworth Inc, Belmont, California. ISBN 0-534-20388-4

  1. Data Description
    1. Data Analysis and Model Building: An Introduction
    2. Plotting Process Data
    3. Plotting Distributions
    4. Summarizing Continuous Data
    5. Describing Categorical Variables
    6. Relating Continuous Variables
  2. Elements of Modeling
    1. Straight-Line Models
    2. Multiple Regression Molels
    3. Normal Distributions
    4. Control Charts for Contiuous Variables
    5. Binomial Distributions
    6. Control Charts for Binary Variables
  3. Randomized Data Collection and Inference
    1. Data Collection
    2. Fundamental Concepts of Surveying
    3. Survey Designs
    4. Interpreting the Results of a Survey
    5. Significamce Tests, Confidence Intervals, and Prediction Intervals
    6. Completely Randomized Experimental Designs and the Analysis of Variance
    7. Randomized Block and Factorial Designs
  4. Modelling and Inference
    1. Inference in Regression Models
    2. Regression Diagnostics and Transformations
    3. Regression Model Selection
    4. Time Series Data
    5. Seasonal Time Series
  5. Statistics in Organizations
    1. A Perspective on Statistics in Organizations

Freedman, Pisani & Purves
David Freedman, Robert Pisani and Roger Purves (1978): Statistics
W.W. Norton & Co., New York and London. ISBN 0-393-09076-0

  1. Design of Experiments
  2. Descriptive Statistics
  3. Correlation and Regression
  4. Probability
  5. Chance Variability
  6. Sampling
  7. Chance Models
  8. Tests of Significance

Freund & Simon
John E. Freund and Gary A. Simon (1992): Modern Elementary Statistics
Prentice-Hall International, New Jersey. ISBN 0-13-587825-X

  1. Introduction
  2. Summarizing data: frequency distributions
  3. Summarizing data: measures of location
  4. Summarizing data: measures of variation
  5. Possibilities and probabilities
  6. Some rules of probability
  7. Expectations and decisions
  8. Probability distributions
  9. The normal distribution
  10. Sampling and sampling distributions
  11. Inferences about means
  12. Inferences about standard deviations
  13. Inferences about proportions
  14. Analysis of variance
  15. Regression
  16. Correlation
  17. Nonparametric tests

Moore & McCabe
David S. Moore and George P. McCabe (1993): Introduction to the Practice of Statistics
W.H. Freeman and Co., New York. ISBN 0-7167-2250-X

  1. Looking at data: distributions
  2. Looking at data: relationships
  3. Producing data
  4. Probability: the study of randomness
  5. Probability to inference
  6. Introduction to inference
  7. Inference for distributions
  8. Inference for count data
  9. Inference for regression
  10. Analysis of variance
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