Surfstat.australia: an online text in introductory Statistics

SurfStat links

Sites with collections of links to general statistics resources

Business Statistics (Graduate)

A collection of resources on various topics in business statistics useful particularly to MBA students.

Statistical Data Analysis (Undergraduate)

A collection of resources on various topics in statistical data analysis. List of books on data analysis, SPSS/SAS program listings, Introductory routines, Topics in questionnaire design and surveys sampling, Topics in statistical data analysis, Forecasting techniques, Computational tools and demos on the Internet, as well as Links to some interesting sites

David W. Stockburger's "Statistical Resources on the Web"

Lots of links of all sorts.

John Loadsman at Sydney University

A summary of statistics resources

"Statistics" at the University of Florida

A very comprehensive collection, including lots of departments of statistics worldwide

List of lists

A list of mailing lists (not web addresses) including anzstat.

Clay Helberg's "Statistics on the Web"

Links to many kinds of statistics resources including teaching sites and statistical software.

Statistical Software and Datasets

a small but professional looking collection by Rob Kabacoff, Florida





Java Applets

lots of wonderful Java applets demonstrating principles of probability and statistics

"MG284 Statistics I" at Clarkson Uni.

C.Mosier's course guide, with some links

"Business Statistics on the Web"

Other online statistics courses

"Exercises for Elementary Statistics"

by Wlodzimierz Bryc, University of Cincinnati.

"Introduction to Statistics: Concepts, Models and Applications" by David Stockburger

Mathematics Archives: Lessons, Tutorials and Lecture Notes

Mainly mathematics but masses of good stuff here.

MAT220 at


MATH225 at


Introductory statistics text

by Dr Gene Glass at Arizona State University

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