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Local installation

Australian users: Access from the main site in Australia is unrestricted. If you do nevertheless wish to buy, please send $165 ($150+GST) as below.

Overseas users: If direct service from our Australian server is fast enough for you, then you don't need to buy. Otherwise, for $150 (Australian) you can install Surfstat on your local web server and see vastly improved response times. The price includes unlimited upgrades: you can download the latest version from this page whenever you wish.

Payments by credit-card (Visa or Mastercard) can be made to Ms Kaye Devlin. Phone Kaye on +61-2-6125-5625, or fax +61-2-6125-0740, and give the following details: Include your email address with your order so that we can notify you when your tar file is ready for downloading.
Cheques (checks) in Australian dollars should be made payable to "The Australian National University" and mailed to:
Kaye Devlin
The Australian National University
Canberra, ACT 0200
Include your email address with your order so that we can notify you when your tar file is ready for downloading.


Surfstat is shipped as a compressed "tar" file. The files once unpacked are fully portable, whether HTML, GIF, CGI or CLASS. No web-server software is included: Surfstat must be installed at an existing website. Follow these steps to install:
  1. Use ftp to move the file surfstat.tar.gz to your webserver, if it is not there already;
  2. Unzip it by typing gunzip surfstat.tar.gz to form surfstat.tar.
  3. Expand the tar archive by typing tar -xf surfstat.tar. A directory surfstat-home will be created. You can then delete the surfstat.tar file.
  4. Depending on the server software your site uses, you may need to create an index file in surfstat and in each subdirectory. Consult your local webmaster for how to do this.
  5. Ask your webmaster to enable cgi scripts in the surfstat directory.

Surfstat uses a cgi script lookup.cgi for accessing the glossary. This is a program written in Perl. Usually, unix computers have Perl installed in the directory /usr/local/bin/perl. If it is somewhere else at your site, you will need to edit the top line of lookup.cgi to show the correct directory. You may also want to edit the file course.html so that it links to your own course homepage.

Limited technical support is available by email (I know how surfstat works, but I don't know much about web servers).

Download Surfstat

Submit this form using the password that was emailed to you. The file downloaded will be a compressed tar file: save it as surfstat.tar.gz.

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