Surfstat.australia: an online text in introductory Statistics

SurfStat help

How the SurfStat screen works

Four ways to find what you need

The text pages

Surfstat's pages are grouped into five chapters. The chapter titles appear on the right of the table on the main contents page, and you can view a chapter's contents page by clicking there.

Surfstat's main navigation tool is the compass-like device that appears at the top of the sidebar to the left of the Surfstat window. You can use this navigation tool to move between Surfstat's pages and chapters.

The up and down arrows in this device will take you between a chapter contents page and the text inside, while left and right will move through the pages in each chapter. When you are viewing a chapter contents page, left and right will move you between chapters.

You can return to the main contents page at any time by clicking on the "TEXT" button that appear in the sidebar immediately below the navigation tool, or by clicking the up arrow twice.

Other resources

The sidebar also gives you access to the other resources associated with the Surfstat text - the glossary, statistical tables and the course homepage. Each of these will appear in a separate browser window so that you can use them without losing your place in the main text.

If you have Surfstat installed locally, the course homepage will be provided by your course administrator.

  1. The course homepage

    The course homepage details the knowledge and skills students should expect to acquire in each module of the course. It contains links to sections of the text where the material for each module is presented.

  2. contents

    A detailed list of topics found in each subsection of the course, including HTML filenames.

  3. objectives

    A long list of learning objectives, linked to relevant sections of the text.

  4. glossary

    The glossary is linked to the main text through the SurfStat index, which is a small cgi program that links topics with bookmarks in the text (many other links in SurfStat also use the index program).

    If you don't find what you want in the glossary, please use the feedback button to let us know.

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